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the last 3 sequels to Pixar films (Cars 2, Monsters U, Finding Dory) have all followed the strangely specific formula of making the ‘sidekick’ of the first film the main character in the second

so now we have The Incredibles 2 coming out and if their track record is to be continued, I think we all know who is going to be the primary focus of the movie


the whole movie will be about him finding his super suit

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A~ing- Orange Caramel
Natural ni Koishite- Perfume
Do You Want to Build A Snowman- Frozen
Red Shoes- IU
Every Heart- Boa
Ai Ai Gasa- Tegomass

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   Jane :3

JoJo- SHINee
Angel- Exo K
No Joke- Block B
Eternally Lost- J. Lewis

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   Maica c:

Milkshake- Orange Caramel
Ah- After School
I Don’t Know- Fiestar
Cha Cha- Rainbow Blaxx
Airplane- f(x)


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TY :” See you tomorrow , Bye! “

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   Nafisa :)

No Mercy- Sistar
Another Me- Sunggyu
False Hope- Song Jieun
Inception- Infinite
Shadow- f(x)
Awesome Girl- Jo Kwon

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Just One Day- BTS
Ultimately- G Dragon
Let it Go- Idina Menzel (I just really love this song XD)
In the Night Sky- After School Red
Action- Block B
Nu Shoes- Wonder Girls
News- Nine Muses
Evening Sky- AIlee

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   Donte ~

Dream Girl- SHINee
Outro: Purpose- BTS
Nightmare featuring Ilhoon- 2yoon
Truth or Dare- Ga in
Eternally Lost- J. Lewis (random English song in this but it’s related to Exo I guess XD)

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